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shorewall/  253  9 years  boklm   don't use a variable for shorewall dir (not working)
stored_config/  1353  8 years  misc   - add function get_param_values
testvm/  1966  8 years  misc   add proper requires and missing directory for testvm user
auto_installation/  2154  8 years  tmb   fix '(warning): Unrecognised escape sequence '\:' in file /etc/puppet/modules/au…
report-socket/  2258  8 years  misc   do not spam ml with non loadable reports
mysql/  2290  8 years  misc   small cleanup of the mysql module
facter/  2337  8 years  misc   add non regression testing to facter ( just to have some examples in place )
stompserver/  2362  8 years  misc   add stompserver module
amavis/  2374  8 years  misc   clean and make puppet-lint happy on amavis module
cron/  2380  8 years  misc   make puppet-lint happy
mgasoft/  2436  8 years  misc   some cleaning ( ie, do not repeat default values ), some puppet-lint compliance …
icecream/  2461  8 years  misc   split icecream in 4 files to please puppet-lint
memcached/  2462  8 years  misc   lint the module memcached
postgrey/  2463  8 years  misc   clean and make puppet-lint happy for postgrey module
draklive/  2573  7 years  misc   managehome is true by default for our puppet infra
ntp/  2637  7 years  misc   small cleanup of the module
spamassassin/  2644  7 years  misc   clean the module spamassassin
timezone/  2652  7 years  misc   make module puppet-lint compliant
ssmtp/  2655  7 years  misc   clean the module ssmtp
openssl/  2656  7 years  misc   clean and reindent openssl module
bind/  2660  7 years  misc   rework the layout of the bind module
sudo/  2662  7 years  misc   split module in 2 file, to please puppet-lint
libvirtd/  2664  7 years  misc   module style cleaning
rsyncd/  2665  7 years  misc   limit the number of simultaneous downloads on rsync, so we do not have 15 rsync …
git/  2672  7 years  misc   split svn_repository in a separate file
django_application/  2679  7 years  misc   split and clean the django_application module
phpbb/  2691  7 years  misc   fix vhost invocation on several module, was missed by last commit, and add the o…
puppet/  2695  7 years  misc   fix module invaocation after split
transifex/  2697  7 years  misc   disable transaction middleware, https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4499#c19
mga-mirrors/  2707  7 years  misc   split vhost_catalyst_app in a separate file
dashboard/  2712  7 years  misc   simplify and clean the dashboard module from puppet-lint errors
mirror_cleaner/  2726  7 years  pterjan   Add some extra safety
catdap/  2790  7 years  boklm   do not allow underscore in username, because mediawiki doesn't like this
xinetd/  2834  7 years  boklm   fix variable name
rsnapshot/  2851  7 years  boklm   correctly set snapshot_root
mediawiki/  2868  7 years  boklm   exit if config directory doesn't exist
bcd/  2882  7 years  tmb   xauth is needed for qemu testing
gitweb/  2898  7 years  boklm   gitweb: use mga-common::local_script
gnupg/  2902  7 years  boklm   gnupg: use mga-common::local_script
planet/  2905  7 years  boklm   planet: use mga-common::local_script
ii/  2908  7 years  boklm   Local_script -> Mga-common::Local_script
openssh/  2908  7 years  boklm   Local_script -> Mga-common::Local_script
mirror/  2908  7 years  boklm   Local_script -> Mga-common::Local_script
pam/  2937  7 years  boklm   pam: remove "dynamic lookup" warnings
restrictshell/  2938  7 years  boklm   restrictshell: remove "dynamic lookup" warnings
subversion/  2943  7 years  boklm   subversion: add irker hook
irkerd/  2944  7 years  boklm   Add irkerd module
youri-check/  2956  7 years  pterjan   Patch from guillomovitch
postgresql/  2971  7 years  boklm   Add postgresql::hba_entry and postgresql::var
epoll/  2975  7 years  boklm   epoll: split database creation in a separate class Create epoll::create_db clas…
xymon/  2995  7 years  tmb   drop more transifex references
bugzilla/  3024  6 years  dmorgan   Puppetize the bugzilla extensions
mgapeople/  3043  6 years  boklm   mgaepeople: add output_format config
openldap/  3050  6 years  boklm   openldap: allow setting drink (favoriteDrink) attribute
blog/  3063  6 years  boklm   Send new blog post notifications to i18n-reports ML
sympa/  3066  6 years  boklm   sympa::list::private: add $sender_email parameter
mga-treasurer/  3095  6 years  boklm   mga-treasurer: run $update_script
mga-common/  3161  6 years  boklm   Add str_join function A function to join elements from an array to create a str…
apache/  3184  6 years  boklm   apache: add option to select default redirect URL Add an option to change the U…
viewvc/  3190  6 years  boklm   viewvc: include apache::mod::fastcgi
buildsystem/  3191  6 years  boklm   buildsystem/media.cfg: don't add non-existend medias Don't add i586 medias on x…
postfix/  3193  6 years  boklm   postfix: don't add nail package (to remove duplicate definitions)

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