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Wed May 30 14:12:40 2012 UTC (6 years, 8 months ago) by rda
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Add Mageia.Org constitution (original French, translated English) for reference.

Formatted in MarkDown, copies of the docs as they were written
back in September 2010 and registered in France.

Imported from soft/constitution where it was previously stored (r3423).

1 # Statuts Mageia.Org / Mageia.Org Constitution
3 Mageia.org constitution ("Statuts" in French) were written and registered
4 in Paris, France in Fall 2010.
6 The reference version is the French one, available in mageia.org\_statutes_fr.md
8 This is the master version of the constitution of the association.
9 All other reprints should match and keep updated against this one,
10 hosted under [http://svn.mageia.org/svn/soft/constitution/](http://svn.mageia.org/svn/soft/constitution/).
12 You will find a reference to it from
13 [http://www.mageia.org/en/about/constitution/](http://www.mageia.org/en/about/constitution/) as well.
15 An English version of is made available for a larger reception of it in mageia.org\_statutes_en.md
17 Both are formatted in MarkDown.
19 We will try to maintain the English version as updates occur.
21 ## How to propose an update
23 * post your change proposal patch against the current final version to
24 board-public@ml.mageia.org with the rationale behind the change.
25 * the change will be discussed and approved/rejected by the board
26 after public consideration.
28 ## How to maintain updates
30 * keep a full copy of the current version of the constitution
31 in old/YYYY-MM-DD-mageia.org\_statutes_fr.md
32 * keep a full copy of the new patch to apply in old/YYYY-MM-DD-patch_{summary}.
33 This patch must contain the rationale copy in its headers.
34 * apply the patch to the mageia.org\_statutes_fr.md
35 * same for the English version of course.
36 * please use appropriate tools to do that.

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