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Tue Nov 17 22:58:46 2015 UTC (3 years, 8 months ago) by blino
File size: 61 byte(s)
- 0.6.25
- drop arcfour cipher usage (not enabled by default in latest openssh packages)
- iurt: force installing all translations whatever the host system locale is
- emi:
  o keep src.rpm until all arch are done
  o upload packages for extra arches even if mandatory arches have
    been uploaded already
  o do not reupload src/noarch packages with non-mandatory arches
    if already uploaded before
  o do not overwrite .youri file on subsequent uploads, use a timestamp suffix
- ulri: keep other builds going when a failure occurs on non-mandatory arch

1 1be9fee103dff288469e3f2c600ce1da4192c562 iurt-0.6.25.tar.xz

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