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1 It therefore differs from a standard installation in the following
2 ways:
4 * Logs are stored to /var/log/roundcubemail
5 * Temporary files are placed in /tmp
6 * Configuration files (main.inc.php and db.inc.php) are placed in
7 /etc/roundcubemail
9 Use the GUI to do the configuration/upgrade:
11 RoundCube provides an installer which can help you to do all
12 the installation/upgrade. The feature is disabled by default for
13 security reasons but you can enable it in 'main.inc.php' by
14 setting the 'enable_installer' variable to 'true'.
15 Once done, browse http://server/roundcubemail/installer
17 Use the CLI to do the configuration/upgrade:
19 You will need to edit /etc/roundcubemail/main.inc.php and
20 /etc/roundcubemail/db.inc.php appropriately for your site before you
21 can use Roundcube. You must at least configure an appropriate mail
22 server and port in main.inc.php, and change the
23 $rcmail_config['des_key'] setting. In db.inc.php you must configure
24 an appropriate database location and user; in the most simple
25 configuration, you would create a new user and database both named
26 'roundcubemail' on a MySQL server running on the same machine, give
27 the roundcubemail user full read/write access to the roundcubemail
28 database, and set db.inc.php appropriately.
30 Information:
32 - Yyou can drop all of the tables and use the '*.initial.sql' file
33 to fully recreate the database.
34 - If any database change is needed, go to /usr/share/roundcubemail/SQL
35 and use '*.update.sql' where '*' is your database backend type.

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