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Tue Jan 22 21:38:55 2013 UTC (7 years, 11 months ago) by schedbot
File size: 735 byte(s)
Copying release 1.9.3.p374-2.mga3 to pristine/ directory.
1 # rpm macros for use in ruby packages
3 %ruby_version %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["ruby_version"]')
5 %ruby_archdir %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["archdir"]')
6 %ruby_libdir %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["rubylibdir"]')
7 %ruby_sitearchdir %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["sitearchdir"]')
8 %ruby_sitelibdir %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["sitelibdir"]')
9 %ruby_vendorarchdir %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["vendorarchdir"]')
10 %ruby_vendorlibdir %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["vendorlibdir"]')
11 %ruby_gemdir %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["rubygemsdir"]')
12 %ruby_ridir %(ruby -rrbconfig -e 'print RbConfig::CONFIG["ridir"]')

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