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speed-dreams-data-base/  651734  9 years  akien   Obsolete speed-dreams-data-base, now provided by speed-dreams (same binary RPM i…
cegui0.7/  1642321  3 years  akien   no longer needed, last user tsc now supports cegui 0.8+
haste-client/  1636455  3 years  akien   abandoned upstream, does not build anymore and hastebin.com is unreliable
warzone2100-data/  1017027  8 years  akien   Obsolete warzone2100-data, its contents are already provided in warzone2100, two…
freepops/  1638475  3 years  akien   Drop freepops, no upstream change since 2014, all distros dropped it
vapor/  1063521  7 years  akien   Dropping as unmaintained upstream, and we drop love0.8
sfml/  812921  9 years  akien   Retire SFML 1.6, all packages have been ported to SFML 2
redbutton-browser/  1091535  7 years  akien   Unmaintained upstream, inactive Mageia maintainer, does not build against ffmpeg…
python-pyfits/  1062181  7 years  akien   Obsolete the unmaintained stsci python stack
freeminer/  1637632  3 years  akien   does not build with clang nor gcc, no new release in 4 years
prelink/  1637683  3 years  akien   Unmaintained, obsoleted a few months ago
love0.8/  1063520  7 years  akien   Dropping the last packages that require it, it's old now
super-space-invader/  1671883  3 years  akien   Drop package, requires love 0.9.2 which we don't provide anymore
openshot/  1105837  6 years  akien   retire package as openshot-qt 2.3.4 is now mature enough as replacement
smokekde/  1083782  7 years  akien   Retiring obsolete KDE4 package
redbutton-download/  1091536  7 years  akien   Unmaintained upstream, inactive Mageia maintainer
fsa/  1638982  3 years  akien   Obsolete and unmaintained, RPM update exposed broken packaging (installed files …
openra/  1105907  6 years  akien   Drop openra, buildsystem downloads binary DLLs and it is not easy to fix
naev-data/  1674842  3 years  akien   This is now part of the naev SRPM.
unvanquished-data/  668575  9 years  akien   Retiring unvanquished, cf. https://ml.mageia.org/l/arc/dev/2014-08/msg00328.html
cargo/  1228275  6 years  akien   cargo is now a subpackage of rust-1.26.0-1.mga7 and later
gimp-resynthesizer/  1636454  3 years  akien   Depends on gimp-python which is no longer packaged with recent gimp
httpsegmenter/  1091555  7 years  akien   Obsolete and no longer maintained upstream, it was imported for zoneminder but i…
gtkguitune/  1637651  3 years  akien   No update in over a decade, gtk2 only, doesn't build
gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg/  1093453  7 years  akien   Does not build against ffmpeg 3.0+, obsolete and unused
ceed/  1674812  3 years  akien   Drop ceed, I'm not interested it maintaining it currently (leaf package).
python-pyzolib/  1729656  2 years  akien   Deprecated, now part of pyzo itself
fmj/  1093454  7 years  akien   Requires gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg which is obsolete and dropped as not building agai…
yofrankie-bge/  802584  9 years  akien   Retire yofrankie-bge, upstream is dead and it does not work with current blender…
python-wfpc2tools/  1062185  7 years  akien   Obsolete the unmaintained stsci python stack
k3d/  1637654  3 years  akien   Obsolete k3d, unmaintained and requires gtk2 and python2
desurium/  672097  9 years  akien   Obsolete desurium since it has many security issues and is no longer developed (…
urbanterror/  1674846  3 years  akien   Doesn't build.
mari0/  1002728  8 years  akien   Drop mari0 as its usage of copyrighted sprites and music is more than fair use. …
tanks-of-freedom/  1919365  17 months  akien   tanks-of-freedom requires Godot 2 which we don't provide anymore (mga#30838)
python-wfc3tools/  1062184  7 years  akien   Obsolete the unmaintained stsci python stack
python-acstools/  1062188  7 years  akien   Obsolete the unmaintained stsci python stack
mga-bg-res/  821009  9 years  akien   Obsolete mga-bg-res package, now lives in mageia-theme
pdfsam/  1674843  3 years  akien   Doesn't build, don't have time to fix it, tired of requests to update to open co…
speed-dreams-data-wip/  1674844  3 years  akien   Dropped some time ago, not used to package WIP assets.
lrzip/  1108825  6 years  akien   Drop lrzip, unfixed security vulnerabilities and almost leaf package (mga#20816)…
redbutton-author/  1091534  7 years  akien   Unmaintained upstream, inactive Mageia maintainer
fretsonfire/  1636453  3 years  akien   depends on python2, no upstream to port it to py3
lv2-triceratops/  1639540  3 years  akien   Python 2 only
pcs/  1098981  7 years  akien   obsolete pcs, unmaintained and lacks unpackaged deps
foobillard/  792912  9 years  akien   Obsoleted by foobillardplus
transifex-client0.4/  792917  9 years  akien   Obsoleted by transifex-client
kino/  1090912  7 years  akien   Obsolete and unmaintained upstream
perl-Acme-Cow/  1079655  7 years  akien   Reobsolete, it actually conflicts with cowsay 3 so it makes little sense to pack…
python-pyraf/  1062182  7 years  akien   Obsolete the unmaintained stsci python stack
chipmunk/  1083373  7 years  akien   Retire chipmunk, it's a lib nothing uses
python-releases/  1641838  3 years  akien   Drop python-releases, needs old python-semantic_version and now unused
doublecmd/  1674813  3 years  akien   Obsolete as it doesn't build and nobody stepped up to fix it.
unvanquished-maps/  668576  9 years  akien   Retiring unvanquished, cf. https://ml.mageia.org/l/arc/dev/2014-08/msg00328.html
xine-lib/  1093476  7 years  akien   Obsolete xine-lib 1.1.x, dead upstream and to be replaced by the 1.2 branch (xin…
strigi/  1090910  7 years  akien   Obsolete, unmaintained and does not build against ffmpeg 3.0+
libressl/  1107000  6 years  akien   Obsolete libressl, unused so far and security burden
glusterfs/  1098982  7 years  akien   obsolete glusterfs, unmaintained and requires obsoleted pcs
miam-player/  1395445  5 years  akien   Drop miam-player, upstream stopped development (GH repo archived)
unvanquished/  668574  9 years  akien   - Retiring unvanquished, cf. https://ml.mageia.org/l/arc/dev/2014-08/msg00328.ht
gimp-plugin-wavelet-denoise/  1638482  3 years  akien   No update upstream in 3 years, no active maintainer on our end
google-perftools/  1094997  7 years  akien   Duplicate of gperftools
python-pywcs/  1062183  7 years  akien   Obsolete the unmaintained stsci python stack
ocaml-sfml/  814397  9 years  akien   Retire this package, it does not build against SFML 2.2 and is dead upstream
rust-rpm-macros/  1130358  6 years  akien   Package split into rust-packaging and rust-srpm-macros
quakeforge/  792913  9 years  akien   Obsolete, it was never built and noone works on it
perl-Dict-FSA/  1638983  3 years  akien   fsa is dropped, so this must be dropped too. No reverse deps.
syncthing-gtk/  1674845  3 years  akien   Py2 only, upstream won't port.
minilens/  1919364  17 months  akien   minilens requires Godot 2 which we don't provide anymore (mga#30838)
urbanterror-data/  1674847  3 years  akien   Engine package doesn't build (urbanterror)
autotrace/  1108773  6 years  akien   Obsolete autotrace, plagued with security vulnerabilities and obsolete (mga#2091…
malaga/  1639547  3 years  akien   Leaf package, no upstream anymore
mingw-clucene/  1106051  6 years  akien   Obsolete mingw-clucene, no reverse deps and does not build
lastfm-player/  1090914  7 years  akien   Obsolete, unmaintained and no longer works with lastfm API
luadoc/  1636871  3 years  akien   obsoleted upstream, replaced by ldoc
mupdf/  1058044  7 years  akien   Obsolete mupdf, it has security upstreams and is a packaging mess
pysiogame/  1356144  5 years  alexl   obsoleted by eduactiv8
myagent-im/  1345064  5 years  alexl   SILENT: new MRIM API is not opened
mathplot/  1397006  5 years  alexl   dead upstream
pidgin-plugin-mrim/  1345066  5 years  alexl   SILENT: new MRIM API is not opened
myabcs/  1365396  5 years  alexl   obsoleted by qabcs
mseide-msegui/  1390345  5 years  alexl   dead apstream: author died in November 2018
manatools/  1713533  3 years  anaselli   No longer developed or maintained
ghpsdr3-alex/  1606173  3 years  barjac   SILENT: dead upstream
peerguardian/  1616719  3 years  barjac   SILENT: No longer maintained upstream
nitrogen/  1606175  3 years  barjac   SILENT: dead upstream
kvasd-installer/  1076195  7 years  barjac   - Originally packaged as require for wsjtx, which now provides equivalent functi…
osmo-sdr/  1913949  17 months  barjac   SILENT: move osmo-sdr package to obsolete
ardour3/  913432  8 years  barjac   - replaced by ardour
gr-fcdproplus/  1712255  3 years  barjac   SILENT: Unmaintained upstream and replaced by gr-funcube
ortp9/  1606174  3 years  barjac   SILENT: only dependee (ghpsdr3-alex) dead upstream and obsoleted
perl-Swagger2/  1674791  3 years  bcornec   Unmaintained - Look at OpenAPI
docker-swarm/  1674789  3 years  bcornec   Swarm feature is integrated into docker
perl-SVN-Hooks/  1674790  3 years  bcornec   Unmaintained
postgresql9.0/  798849  9 years  cjw   - postgresql9.0 upstream support will end during Mageia 5 lifetime
seamonkey/  814742  9 years  cjw   - the seamonkey package was renamed to iceape a long time ago -- This line, and …
songwrite2/  1558465  4 years  danf   Project requires Python 2 and looks abandoned upstream.
isdn4k-utils/  1563002  4 years  danf   ISDN support has been removed from the kernel and this no longer compiles.
giws/  1562786  4 years  danf   Depends on Python 2, no upstream release in 5 years, no dependencies in Mageia …
furiusisomount/  1556448  4 years  danf   Requires pygtk2.0 (and Python 2) which have been obsoleted

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