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Author: tmb
Date: Fri Dec 25 17:58:26 2015 UTC (3 years, 6 months ago)
Changed paths: 10
Log Message:
- update to 4.1.15
- drop merged /obsolete patches:
  * AX10, BM01-BM04, CK02, DG01-DG04, DG07, DG20-DG30, DG40, DI01, DM10, DM11
  * DN10, DN12, DU01-DU02, DV10, FA01, FB01-FB02, FE01, FE10-FE11
- update patches:
  * BB01-BB03: BFQ patchset v7r8-4.1
  * CK01: 4.1-ck2 patchset including BFS 464
  * FR01: reiser4 support
- rebase paches:
  * MB02: 3rdparty merge
- add patches:
  * AA01-AA13: stable queue fixes
  * BS01-BS02: SCSI: Fix NULL pointer dereference in RTPM of block layer
  * CK02: fix BFS scheduler for changes to should_resched() in 4.1.12
  * DA01: ahci: Fix softreset failed issue of Port Multiplier
  * DA02: sata_sil: disable trim
  * DB01: silence DT errors on non-DT 32bit systems (mga#17010)
  * DG01: drm/nouveau/bios/fan: hardcode the fan mode to linear
  * DG02: drm/ttm: Fix a read/write lock imbalance (fixes vmgfx hang)
  * DM10: md: remove check for MD_RECOVERY_NEEDED in action_store (reshape fix)
  * DM20: airspy: increase USB control message buffer size (fw load hang fix)
  * MB14: ndiswrapper buildfix
  * NW01-NW08: QCA6174 fixes (mga#16915)
  * NW20: rtlwifi: rtl8821ae: Fix lockups on boot
  * NX20: xen/events/fifo: Consume unprocessed events when a CPU dies
- add security fixes:
  * AX10: KVM: svm: unconditionally intercept #DB (CVE-2015-8104)
  * DM21: media/vivid-osd: fix info leak in ioctl (CVE-2015-7884)
  * DS10: staging/dgnc: fix info leak in ioctl (CVE-2015-7885)
  * FO01: ovl: fix permission checking for setattr (CVE-2015-8660)
  * NX01-NX07: xen paravirtualized drivers incautious about shared memory contents
               (CVE-2015-8550 / XSA-155)
  * NX11-NX15: xen pciback missing sanity checks leading to crash
               (CVE-2015-8551,CVE-2015-8552 / XSA-157)
  * SK01: KEYS: Don't permit request_key() to construct a new keyring (CVE-2015-7872)
- enable DRM_I915_PRELIMINARY_HW_SUPPORT for Skylake support (mga#17174)
- update conflicts on old dkms and firmware packages
- update defconfigs
- update filelists

Changed paths

Path Details
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/disable-mrproper-prepare-scripts-configs-in-devel-rpms.patch modified , text changed
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/kernel-tmb.patchlist modified , text changed
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/linux-3.19.8-tmb1.tar.xz.asc deleted
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/linux-3.19.tar.sign deleted
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/linux-4.1.15-tmb1.tar.xz.asc added
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/linux-4.1.tar.sign added
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/patch-3.19.8.sign deleted
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/patch-4.1.15.sign added
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SOURCES/sha1.lst modified , text changed
Directoryupdates/5/kernel-tmb/current/SPECS/kernel-tmb.spec modified , text changed

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