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mga-mirrors/  1623  10 years  tmb   revert last commit for now as it broke alamut
buildsystem/  1677  10 years  pterjan   Always define distro_section now that mkrel does the right thing
postgresql/  1626  10 years  nanardon   - don't use pam anymore since no system users exists
auto_installation/  1479  10 years  misc   - fix define naming
stored_config/  1353  10 years  misc   - add function get_param_values
spamassassin/  474  11 years  misc   rules compilation requires that the rules are present first
restrictshell/  1562  10 years  misc   show the group of a user in the error message, so people can check their member …
puppet/  951  10 years  misc   oops, 1m doesn't 1 month, but 1 minutes
timezone/  44  11 years  misc   - correctly manage timezone on server
viewvc/  1339  10 years  misc   - try to restrict memory usage by limiting the number of items in the log, follo…
git/  1629  10 years  misc   fix previous commit
icecream/  926  10 years  misc   add icecream module
libvirtd/  1472  10 years  misc   move the download class to auto_installation, as it doesn't belong to libvirt mo…
catdap/  1555  10 years  misc   blacklist the registration of the login 'security'
xymon/  1560  10 years  misc   fix service name ( as jonund sent us a alert )
memcached/  1218  10 years  misc   - fix memcached manifest
pam/  1638  10 years  misc   we do not use mdns on servers, so remove it as it seems to cause trouble on mand…
transifex/  1676  10 years  misc   seems the underlying library ( python-ldap ) automatically use the 2nd server i…
postfix/  1675  10 years  misc   add redundancy for postfix ldap connexion
epoll/  1356  10 years  misc   use the new type for user and database declaration ( will be used later for pg a…
ntp/  48  11 years  misc   - subtle fix for puppet on 2010.0, that will use service rather the initscript (…
postgrey/  761  10 years  misc   use template, as noted by blino ( in case we need to change domain name )
ssmtp/  458  11 years  misc   add a ssmtp module, to replace postfix as it would be too complex to manage for …
openldap/  1670  10 years  misc   fix again wrong quotes
xinetd/  789  10 years  misc   add a xinetd module
phpbb/  1691  10 years  misc   no longer force english language pack
bind/  1064  10 years  misc   - fix dns problem on friteuse ( as bind compete with dnsmasq for port 53 )
openssl/  530  10 years  misc   add a type for selfsigned certificate in 2 file
amavis/  473  11 years  misc   no antivirus are deployed for now, and none are planned for the moment
bugzilla/  1356  10 years  misc   use the new type for user and database declaration ( will be used later for pg a…
django_application/  1213  10 years  misc   - add better error messages
youri-check/  1698  10 years  dmorgan   Add a check page for fedora, will help java ppl to check updates
mysql/  1264  10 years  dams   fix service mysql
mediawiki/  1574  10 years  boklm   add dns for hugs.mageia.org
facter/  1249  10 years  boklm   return a string (as facter converts booleans to string)
shorewall/  253  11 years  boklm   don't use a variable for shorewall dir (not working)
testvm/  357  11 years  boklm   add testvm module, used to run test VMs
blog/  1616  10 years  boklm   change backup directory path
sudo/  768  10 years  boklm   add sudoers_config define (proposed by misc)
rsyncd/  1613  10 years  boklm   enable rsync in IPv6
apache/  1636  10 years  boklm   keep httpd logs for 24 months
subversion/  1701  10 years  boklm   fix syntax
sympa/  1467  10 years  boklm   fix qa topic description (as noticed by ahmad and damsweb)
bcd/  1547  10 years  boklm   add rsync for isos directory
mirror/  1702  10 years  boklm   remove mirrorbootstrap class
planet/  1615  10 years  boklm   change planet_location to /var/www/vhosts
gnupg/  963  10 years  boklm   change default key length to 4096 and expiration in 400 days
openssh/  1640  10 years  boklm   fix syntax
draklive/  1703  10 years  blino   add script and cron to clean live build data

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