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timezone/  44  13 years  misc   - correctly manage timezone on server
ntp/  48  13 years  misc   - subtle fix for puppet on 2010.0, that will use service rather the initscript (…
concat/  241  13 years  boklm   Add a module to construct files from fragments. Downloaded from https://github.
shorewall/  253  13 years  boklm   don't use a variable for shorewall dir (not working)
postgrey/  268  13 years  misc   - add a postgrey module
facter/  341  13 years  misc   - rename the module, as I used lib_dir everywhere
mirror/  354  13 years  misc   - create user/group with puppet, with the bin directory so the cron task doesn't…
testvm/  357  13 years  boklm   add testvm module, used to run test VMs
ssh/  384  13 years  blino   remove home def
openssh/  437  13 years  misc   the previous trick didn't work as tags are dependent in the order of declaration…
pam/  451  13 years  misc   restrict login to people of the group mga-commiters ( previous try was not worki…
restrictshell/  452  13 years  misc   - improve error message when trying to get a interactive shell
ssmtp/  458  13 years  misc   add a ssmtp module, to replace postfix as it would be too complex to manage for …
amavis/  473  13 years  misc   no antivirus are deployed for now, and none are planned for the moment
spamassassin/  474  13 years  misc   rules compilation requires that the rules are present first
blog/  481  13 years  dams   Fix the check on wget if server is down (thanks to rtp)
sudo/  521  13 years  boklm   add defaults
openssl/  530  13 years  misc   add a type for selfsigned certificate in 2 file
postgresql/  536  13 years  misc   - add options to remove formatting, so puppet do not try to recreate the db each…
mysql/  567  13 years  misc   - readd a better mysql module
postfix/  572  13 years  misc   - since sympa use transport table to get the message, no need to declare it in m…
buildsystem/  573  13 years  blino   allow schedbot user to log in valstar (for svn)
subversion/  591  13 years  misc   - add $PATH ( prevent spurious errors in puppet post commit script )
rsyncd/  593  13 years  nanardon   - ibliblio is replacing server by
puppet/  595  13 years  misc   - do not restart when puppet.conf is updated, or this stop puppet while updating…
openldap/  605  13 years  misc   let users see who is in another group ( needed for sympa )
apache/  621  13 years  misc   add ssl support to django deployment class
bind/  623  13 years  misc   - add transifex to dns
catdap/  624  13 years  misc   uniformisation of the name of variable used for password, so we know if this is …
epoll/  624  13 years  misc   uniformisation of the name of variable used for password, so we know if this is …
mga-mirrors/  625  13 years  misc   - create the database and the user on deployment of mga-mirrors
bugzilla/  626  13 years  misc   - create bugzilla database upon deployment
sympa/  631  13 years  misc   - fix again, not a good day for me :/
transifex/  632  13 years  misc   allow to use email on log on transifex

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