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1 Mandriva kernel-tmb Compile Special Instructions
5 Due to the way that Mandriva generates multiple versions of the kernel
6 (uniprocessor, smp, enterprise, boot, secure), recompiling the kernel
7 from the kernel source installed in /usr/src/linux *MUST* be preceded
8 by one step:
10 make mrproper
12 This is roughly equivalent to "make distclean", but not quite. The
13 best explanation of why this scenario exists appeared in the Cooker
14 Mailing List by Andrey Borzenkow:
16 PLEASE do not forget - you must not need to configure your kernel
17 before you compile EXTERNAL module (as example, nVidia). PLEASE
18 remember that *tmb* has 6 (six!) kernel flavours and you can
19 compile external modules for any of them WITHOUT RECONFIGURATION
20 IN BETWEEN. PLEASE look into this "regenrated files" in clean
21 kernel-source and after you have reconfigured your kernel.
23 To summarize, the kernel source tree is left in a state such that you
24 compile custom kernel modules for any of the five versions of the
25 kernel without having to do anything special. One of the side effects
26 of this is that if you want to start a compile from scratch, you must
27 remove various configuration files (as well as object files and
28 binaries). To do this, you *MUST* do the "make mrproper" first.
30 Regards,
32 TMB

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