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Sun Apr 24 13:35:09 2011 UTC (10 years, 7 months ago) by tmb
File size: 249 byte(s)
 update to
- update patches:
    * DG10: drm/i915: Fix tiling corruption from pipelined fencing
    * NI30, NI31: ipset 6.4
- add patches:
    * DA60, DA61: ide/ahci/raid support for Intel Panther Point
    * DF01: add old ieee1394 aliases to new firewire stack
    * DG11: drm: Retry i2c transfer of EDID block after failure
    * DG12: drm/i915/dp: Sanity check eDP existence
    * DG13: drm/i915: Restore missing command flush before interrupt on BLT ring
    * DG14: drm/i915: Avoid unmapping pages from a NULL address space
    * DG15: drm/i915: Enable GPU semaphores by default
    * DM01: add dm-raid45 aliases to the new dm-raid target
    * DP15: intel_ips: fix monitor thread to use TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE

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