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Revision 185705 - (hide annotations) (download)
Thu Dec 22 05:54:01 2011 UTC (10 years, 1 month ago) by tmb
File size: 182 byte(s)
- update to 3.1.6
- drop patch DS01 (merged)
- trigger dkms build in posttrans so modules get built at kernel install
  instead of at boot (speeds up boot time with new kernel)
- update desktop(586) & laptop summaries and descriptions to point out that
  only 3-3.5GB RAM is detected on 32bit, and that server kernel is needed to
  fully support 4GB or more
- switch transparent hugepages from on by default to madvise (only enabled
  for apps that requests it), as it fixes desktop freeze when accessing
  slow media such as usb (thanks to fbui/mdv mail on @cooker ml).

1 tmb 185705 c609409953e57ff667b6cf1fc5e0d94aaad4caa0 linux-3.1.6-tmb1.tar.xz
2 tmb 173213 d6aedad90c386600076b3fd976d9c66be57c136f linux-3.1.tar.xz
3 tmb 185705 a0545182aac1fe2a1c9635830757b3b2ddc19860 patch-3.1.6.xz

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