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Sun May 8 03:03:07 2011 UTC (11 years, 9 months ago) by ahmad
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imported package opengl-games-utils
1 This package contains various shell scripts which are intented for use by
2 3D games packages. These shell scripts can be used to check if direct rendering
3 is available before launching an OpenGL game. This package is intended for use
4 by other packages and is not intended for direct end user use!
7 Currently this package only contains one script:
8 opengl-game-wrapper.sh
10 To use this script create a link in /usr/bin gamename-wrapper[.sh] to
11 opengl-game-wrapper.sh, and put gamename-wrapper[.sh] in your desktop file
12 instead of gamename. The wrapper script will use $0 to determine gamename,
13 if direct rendering is available the wrapper script will execute gamename
14 with any parameters passed to the script, if direct rendering is not
15 available a userfriendly error dialog will be shown explaining that gamename
16 cannot run without hardware accelerated 3d, and that this is probably due to
17 missing Free Software support for the users card.
20 In the future I also plan to add an opengl-games-functions.sh file which can
21 be included by other wrapper scripts, the idea is to have a function in here
22 which will return true or false depending on if the current glx setup is a
23 setup which is known to work well. This function will have a list of
24 OpenGL renderer strings of known to work well drivers. This can then be used
25 by games which can take advantage of OpenGL, but will work without it too,
26 to determine wether or not to enable OpenGL support. The idea here is that
27 one might not want to enable OpenGL by default on SIS, VIA and other
28 low quality chipset / drivers.
31 Last but not least before I forget, to avoid any licensing issues I hereby
32 declare that all files in this package are in the Public Domain.
34 Hans de Goede 22 septemper 2007.

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