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1 remmy 208332 rkhunter is a tool to detect rootkits installed on your system and suspicious
2     file changes. In order for rkhunter to run these checks, it maintains a catalog
3     of files and their properties installed on your system so it can compare
4     current files and statusses against the ones recorded in its database.
6     Out of the box rkhunter is configured to give as few false positives as
7     possible on a Mageia system. Still, despite this, you might want to change some
8     of its configuration options yourself to best suit you. The file used for this
9     is /etc/rkhunter.conf
11     Upon an initial install, rkhunter will create the databases it needs itself. On
12     upgrades and during regular use, you may want to update its databases yourself
13     by executing:
14 remmy 216548 rkhunter --propupd
15 remmy 208332 before running any other rkhunter checks yourself.

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