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2 ------------
4 The CGI file is meant as an alias for /mageia on a webserver; so that
5 it can be used as a urpmi repository and it proxies the calls with caching to
6 configured repositories. Overriding with an extra local repos and turning is
7 also possible.
9 After installation (see INSTALL file), you can use eg:
10 http://your.server.com/mageia/distrib/1/x86_64/
11 as an urpmi distrib repository to install from or setting it in your other
12 mageia machines.
14 It proxies all releases, versions and architectures and even iso files,
15 since it just caches files. Only the files you'll effectively request,
16 will be stored in the cache though. Even though some files are always checked
17 before checking for cache, in the event that those files can't be checked,
18 it'll use those cached files anyway.
21 ---------------
22 This standard usages will let you cache your whole network (or chroots), but
23 not the machine this urpmi-proxy is running on. You can actually do this by
24 configuring the sources in the config file to the ones you were using in your
25 urpmi settings, and then remove all configured media from urpmi; then
26 adding the media, directly from your server with this proxy url.

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